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It’s all true.

Every single story kids used to tell each other online, every single folklore made up by teens, every single old myth… it's all true. There are devils in the woods, the doctor, the stag, the gold haired girl, and a thousand more that you only started to find out about. If you go down lovers lane there is a killer with a hook hand, there are trolls under all the bridges, aliens are watching your every step, alligators are living in the sewers, and damned if there wasn't a carnival of cannibals that just rolled into town.

Welcome to “Rites of Passage”. Here we will be looking at modern folklore, urban legends, the strange, and the bizarre through the eyes of the world of Utopia Descending where each and every single story is true. Pillars in NJ will live a life full of chaos, nonsense, shenanigans, fear, terror, and the truly twisted.

Smile. Warm up a long-pig roll, invite your friend Tillie over, and lets get strange New Jersey.

More information coming very soon.