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Espionage in Smoke
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Espionage in Smoke

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With the winter coming to its climax, we will be doing a Freeform only (no crafting mechanics or combat) event at the private room of Mediterania in New Haven Connecticut. This event is will focus heavily on social, political, economic, and corporate engagement.

Players will be able to influence their corporations growth, this years technologies, invest in potential marketing contracts, buy into personal research and scouting intel, and have sit down meetings with PR managers and corporate reps to review progress for advancement. 

After the event we will be heading just a few blocks (walking distance) to BARCADE for drinks, food, and post event enjoyment. :) 

Event Site Details:

Mediterania is renting us a private room where we will be able to spend the day as our characters in the mediterranean and middle eastern aesthetic of the space as our characters. All food and drink does need to be from the restaurant.

This location does serve hookahs, and with that, people who are very sensitive to smoke will need to consider this before attending the event. You do not HAVE to smoke, however, with people having different tolerances for being around smoke it is something to consider.

As this site charges us attendance by the head, there will be no comped attendance passes for attendance. All non-agency characters will be represented by the staff of Utopia Descending CT. We do have a discounted price for pre-registration as well as for first time live attendees. 

We suggest parking in the local garages or paid lots (instead of doing the meter dance) and to lock any OOC items you don't want to carry on you in your trunk. As our space is limited, we will not have much in the way of stowing space. If it makes life easier for you, consider doing a lower Tier than normal. :)

Story Details:

"You're part of that new assignment of Pillars, ain't ya?"
"So this is how it goes. There is a private meeting going on where all of the different Corps are going to be providing opportunities for Pillars to influence the 2018 season. Buying intel, signing on for corporate sponsorship, working to see what promotional spins the Pillars will be taking, and giving all of you the opportunity to advance and grow while doing some good."
"So far, its been mostly violence with occasional ass grabbing going on. You want to do more? You want to be more? You want to be the fact that everyone knows and the Pillar that saves the day? Then invest in your future, your corporation's direction, and decided what it is that is worth making deals for."
"That's right. Not everything is you paying chit. Some of it is agreeing to do work, some of it is cross-corp promotions, and maybe some other Pillar in another corp will have access to the details you need."

"So get to know people. Make some deals. Make some investments. Work on advancing your research project that will make you known throughout the territories as the brain to go to. Take the moment, because if you sit back and do nothing, don't be surprised if you don't go anywhere."

"Fortune favors the bold."

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1. Go Down This Hallway.

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3. Walk Through The Hidden Room Into The Back Corner


2. Find This hidden Room.


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4. Find This Door. Don't Worry, It's A Cover.


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5. This Is Us. Make Sure You See The Quartermaster At The Hidden Entrance To Get In.

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Welcome to “The Space”. While it’s not the highest end night spot for the top 1% corporate owners and you-star socialites, The Space is an amazing dive-theme location where Pillars can earn that non-action star superstar status. With arena space for combat, a stage for live performances and club nights, a vintage retro-arcade for the data heads, and an outdoor smoke lounge for our vapor heads The Space is a live promotion and broadcast site for those who want to be seen not wanting to be seen.

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The Space is a café and club that we have rented for the Utopia Descending experience, which will have arena space for combat and performance space for both DJs and live performances. This is a tight quarters single day social event that takes one-part club, one part augmented Utopia Descending experience, and one part “party at the end of the world” and blends them together for an amazing night. The Space is an all ages venue that offers us an amazing opportunity to embrace the urban fantasy aspect of Utopia Descending.

So come down, relax, party, make deals, cut promotions, spend some time in the arena, and be a part of the Utopia Descending Live experience!

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Doors open at Noon. Event starts at 1PM sharp!
Tickets are limited!

Please Note: The Cafe and Food Service Will Be Available
Outside food and drink is not allowed in The Space. 

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